Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Care Products – Description

Mother Sparsh baby products are purely Ayurvedic and it is free parabens, alcohol, silicon & phthalates.

Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Lal Tail

lal-tail-mother-sparsh Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Massage oil has been formulated keeping in concern new born baby’s soft & delicate skin. Mother Sparsh baby massage oil contains goodness of sesame oil/Til tail, Ratanjot , Urad, Sankhpusphi, Nagarmotha, Pine oil, Rasna & Camphor. It is worth to mention that every herb has substantial benefits for building happy & healthy baby. Moreover Sesame oil/Til tail is highly accepted in Ayurveda and it has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Mother Sparsh Baby Lal Tail is enriched with unique and effective herbs that work synergistically to strengthen & develop the muscles, joints, ligaments and bones to promote vitality and strength.

Mother Sparsh Gripe Water

gripe-water-mother-sparsh Mother Sparsh Gripe Water is a pure Ayurvedic formulation which contains unique and stomach pacifying herbs used in earlier time which helps in relieving from various colic ailments such as excessive gas, hiccups, stomach upset & intestinal spasm. It is India’s first gripe water that is free from Sodium Bicarbonate/Baking Soda. Mother Sparsh gripe water is also free from alcohol, parabens, artificial flavours & colors, Charcoal & glycerin. It contain the goodness of herbs such as Saunf, Ajwain, Pudina, Dal-chini & dill oil which in combination is beneficial to get relieve from the colic discomfort, gas & hiccups.

Mother Sparsh baby water Wipes

water-wipes-mother-sparsh Mother Sparsh water wipes contains 98% pure water & it is free alcohol & parabens. It is specially formulated for sensitive skin with extra moisture resulting in rash prevention on baby skin. They are enriched with Aloe vera and jajoba oil extract to provide smooth application on baby skib and it also make baby’s skin soft and wiggle & jiggle.

Mother Sparsh Janam Ghutti

janam-ghutti-mothersparsh Mother Sparsh Janam Ghutti is Ayurvedic medicine to deliver broad spectrum benefits in optimizing overall growth of babies. Enriched with natural ingredients, it effectively pacifies stomach ailments as arisen by teething, vomiting, flatulence and constipation. Herbs used are carminative in nature and soothe the digestion system of the body to keep baby calm, healthy & active.

Mother Sparsh baby lotion

baby-lotion-mother-sparsh Mother Sparsh lotion is 100% Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and completely free parabens , silicon, phthalate and enriched with highly effective Ayurvedic herbs to keep skin smooth and supple. The presence of Aloe-vera in this lotion makes it a natural healer & Aloe-vera also have infection fighting properties and works well with dry skin.

Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash

baby-body-wash-mother-sparshMother Sparsh Baby Body Wash is a gentle & Ayurvedic based formulation which contains mild astringent properties that helps in removing dust, pathogens & other environmental pollutants in realigning with the skin texture. Enriched with time tested potent herbs delivers astonishing results with coolant effect to keep skin rejuvenating and hydrating throughout the day.

Mother Sparsh Baby Soap

baby-soap-mother-sparsh Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Soap contains herbs to effectively cleanse and provide complete nourishment to infants delicate skin without causing any irritation and harm to the skin. Mother Sparsh baby soap gently cleanses the skin, leaving it hydrated, supple and smooth. It contains the goodness of naturally occurring ingredients such as Aloe-vera, Almond oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil.

Mother Sparsh Baby Powder

baby-powder-mother-sparsh Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is formulated to protect baby’s soft and delicate skin from rashes, itching, irritation & other skin allergies. It contains Aloe-vera, Khus and Tulsi which in combination delivers broad spectrum benefits in keeping skin cool & comfortable. Aloe-vera has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties which protect skin from infection, khus acts like a moisturiser and also help to reduce burning sensation and itches

Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Care Products Pack & Price Details

SNo. Products Quantity Price(INR)
1 Mother Sparsh Gripe Water 130 ML 55
2 Mother Sparsh Janam Ghutti 100 ML 58
3 Mother Sparsh Lal Tail 100 ML 96
4 Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion 100 ML 85
5 Mother Sparsh Baby Soap 75 g 48
6 Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes 80 Pcs 150
7 Mother Sparsh Baby Powder 100 g 62
8 Mother Sparsh Baby wash 100 g 85
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