Importance of Ayurveda in Baby Products

It is well understood that the pace of today’s lifestyle is accelerating day by day and each parents have to make sure that they provide essential components to nurture their baby at adequate rate. Following traditional diet planning, relaxing music, homely environment, cleanliness and herbal preparations are foremost seen best regime in developing healthy baby.

The traditional alternative medicine Ayurveda provides holistic solutions to take care baby

health. Ayurveda constitutes the detailed theories & practices of childcare which is classified as ‘Kaumarbhritya’. An infant undergoes with rapid transformation surpassing various phases which indeed must be kept with most harmonious way maintaining her diet, sanitization, feedings, dentition, health and skin care. Nevertheless to its therapeutical benefits, Ayurveda also teaches us the spiritual significance to unify body, soul & mind.

In Ayurveda a long range of Ayurvedic herbs has been described for baby topical wellness.These

herbs exhibit anti-inflammatory & anti-allergic properties to survive against skin infection, cold, flu, fever & cough, carminative properties (sauf & pudina) to improve the digestion & help in relieving from colic pain, flatulence & gas, anti-oxidants to sooth mind & body rejuvenation. Many medicated herbs are also illustrated for skin care to prevent rashes, allergies and help in keeping skin soft & supple. Most, importantly the preventive measures followed through Ayurvedic practices are safe, without adversities & side effects with enormous therapeutic benefits.


Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Care Products – Description

Mother Sparsh Baby Care Products are purely based on the Ayurvedic concept in which classical formulations have been blended with quality driven herbal ingredients to develop efficacious products with long lasting results.


Importance of Natural Herbs in maintaining baby health

In Ayurvedic text of classical formulation various herbs in combinations have been illustrated with their individual benefits. Here in Mother Sparsh the combination of unique & effective herbs have been blended in appropriate proportions to make them our proprietor Ayurvedic medicines to provide health benefits in child/baby care.

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